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Postpaid Broadband

Customers internet data is valid for a month. Unused data will rollover for one month. This term is valid for 24 months from date of activation. Once
maximum cap is reached, customer is required to purchase one of the Add-on packages to continue using internet. Bluesky will provide the Customer
with a monthly e-bill statement that will be emailed to them no later than the 28th of each month and full payment is due no later than the 10th of the
following month. Upon termination, all outstanding to date and the remaining contract period must be settled in full. This applies immaterial of the
number of services held by the customer. Full terms and conditions are available on our website.

a) Equipment remains the property of Bluesky during the term of the agreement.
b) Bluesky has the right to inspect the equipment
c) Customer is liable to pay full value of equipment due to damages caused by customer at time of inspection. A certificate of damages will be
issued by Bluesky technician.
d) Replacement of equipment applies only to manufacturing defects.
e) Customer must inform Bluesky in writing if any change in E-bill address and Location

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Product Development Specialist

Position Title: Product Development Specialist
Role Status: Full Time – Permanent
Location: Maluafou – Samoa
Reports to: Chief Commercial
Business Unit: Commercial
Date: 17 October 2016

Position Summary:
The role is to manage an allocated product portfolio and monitor the performance of specific revenue lines. Accountable for new idea generation and the development of new products including its planning process. Significantly, the role is to contribute to the overall growth of the portfolio.

Key Accountabilities and Results Areas

Develop and implement product strategies to support portfolio and business plans
Develop product plans according to business strategy
The effective and efficient performance of product duties including reporting and management of products

Major Responsibilities

Understand customer behaviour through business intelligence.
Generate and collect new product ideas and concepts and identify opportunities for product development.
Conduct internal and external research and recommend the marketing approach, including the promotion or advertisement, pricing, distribution etc.
Tracking of product behaviour and ensuring the sustainability and growth
In conjunction with Chief Commercial Officer, work closely with Marketing, Sales, Customer Services, Finance and Technical Operations teams to:

Understand product revenue and cost.
Analyse product / market performance, issues and opportunities.
Proactively identify opportunities for revenue growth and cost reduction.
Ensure configuration of existing products to yield revenue and/or cost reduction from target customers.
Plan and execute campaigns for penetration and usage increases.

Central point of contact for new product ideas, suggestions and processing these through for decision making.
Organize product demonstrations as required.
Ensure end to end delivery of the product, from conceptualizing to execution in the market.
Provides weekly updates and feedback reports on product lines and when required by the Chief Commercial Officer or the Director.
Carry out business case and feasibility studies on new product opportunities as they […]

Moana TV

Plans applies to all new and existing prepaid customers in the Moana TV coverage area. Postpaid customers will sign into a contract of 24 months.

Prepaid customers will be on a Pay As You Go basis where monthly charge is required to be paid upfront for connection to be active.
All equipments used for this connection will remain as Bluesky property throughout the full term. Breaching the terms of this contract will result in removal of the equipment from the customer premises.

Postpaid customers are required to pay an early termination fee of $500 if service is terminated within the initial 24 month term (Disconnection due to non-payment is excluded). Customer will be required to pay remaining cost of equipment in the event that the equipment is damaged or faulty at the time of removal due to breaching the terms of this contract.

Payment data for postpaid customers is dependent on billing cycle.
Prepaid customers billing cycle is set by activation or last reconnected date. Disconnections are processed daily, per billing cycle.
Bill reminder will be emailed to customers prior to disconnection. Customers will be given 90 days to reconnect otherwise Bluesky equipment will be removed.

Warranty is for 30 days and only applies for the modems and STB units. There is no warranty for the remote controls. Warranty does not cover faults due to power surge/electrical fault, burnt or mishandling of modem/stb or water and/or physical damage from carelessness. Promotions apply to Prepaid customers only.

Customers must have an email address and an alternate phone number for correspondence. Should a customer opt for additional service or broadband plan update, they can then benefit from the new discounted MoanaTV monthly rental.

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Terms & Conditions: 5 for 20 Minutes to Vodafone Fiji

1. Promotion available to Bluesky customers only

2. Free Minutes ONLY applies within the same call. If the customer does not talk for the full 20 minutes, they cannot redeem them.

3. Promotion includes calls from:
• Prepaid Mobile
• Postpaid Mobile
• Landline
• Prepaid Fixed Line

4. Employees are eligible for this promotion

5. Normal rating of $0.35 per minute apply to first 5 minutes of each call, excluding texting to specified destination

6. Promotion available at both peak and off-peak times

7. Call 121 for more information

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Terms and Conditions – Student Sim

1. Each student is only entitled to 1 SIM card per person.

2. Student sims will be available ONLY at our Retail Stores.

3. For Student verification, students can obtain approval from one of the below:

· Valid Student ID

· Signed Letter from School

· Face to face confirmation by a parent or guardian

· Students to come into store in School uniform

4. A Student SIM is FREE.

5. Student will be entitled to all Prepaid Mobile promotional offers except for Free Weekend.

6. Student Sims offer Free Data on one of the below:

· Echarge $6 and get FREE 1GB data valid for 7 days

Ø Free data will be utilized before any other data bundles

Ø Free data is additional to the $6 credit that customer echarges.

Ø Free Data is open to all internet activity

· FREE 200MB Bluezone Data DAILY to use at any of our Bluezone locations around Samoa.

Ø Free Bluezone data will be valid everyday as long as the student sim is active.

7. Call Me Back feature is FREE with Student Sim

8. Student Sim is valid for 12 months and may be renewed upon confirmation that the customer is still a student.

9. Bluesky reserves the right to end or amend the stated promotion at any time and will advise customers accordingly

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Terms & Conditions – International Calling Promotion (Australia & New Zealand)

1. Below customers are eligible for this promotion.
* Prepaid Mobile Customers
* Postpaid Capped Customers
* Prepaid Fixedline Customers

2.  Free Minutes ONLY apply within the same call. If the customer does not talk for over 5minutes, they cannot redeem them.

3. All international calls (excluding NZ & Aus) will be charged as per rate card

4. Prices are GST Inclusive

5. Normal rating  of $0.35 per minute apply to first 5 minutes and from the 26th minute thereafter of each call, excluding texting to specified destination.

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Support Manu 7s to San Francisco Promotion

1.All prepaid mobile, Postpaid Capped Mobile, Residential Landline & Prepaid Fixed Line customers are eligible for this promotion.

2.Corporate pure postpaid customers are not eligible for this promotion.

3.Promotion is valid only for permanent residents of Samoa.

4.Bluesky & SRU staff and immediate family will not be entitled to this promotion

Definition of Immediate Family:

Married: Husband/Wife & Children
Unmarried: Father/Mother & Siblings

5.Customers can enter into this promotion through the below:

SMS to Shortcode 180 (Prepaid & Postpaid Mobile, Prepaid Fixedline)
Calls to Shortcode 180(Prepaid & Postpaid Mobile, Prepaid Fixedline & Residential Landline)
Enter through myBluesky app or USSD.
All touch points will charge 99sene/entry.

6.All entries will accumulate to the final draw.

7.Daily draws will be conducted based on all entries received for that day (00:00 – 11.59pm)

7.All draws are treated independent of each other; meaning customers can win more than once (based on data) during the promotion.

8.All draws will be carried out using based on the entries received.

9.The final draw will be carried out with police as witness.

10.All messages sent to 180 will be counted as an entry and 99sene will be deducted.

11.Daily winners will be notified via a phone call from Bluesky Marketing Team

12.Final Draw or Winner for the 2018 Ford Ranger will be drawn using the where once we have the winning number, we will do the normal verifications before calling customer. If customer does not answer after 3 calls within 20 minutes, we will re-draw and follow the same process.

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SMS Games

Bluesky prepaid and postpaid capped  customers can play simple text and response driven SMS games which allow customers to go on an adventure by choosing different options. Designed for 2G and feature phones. These include multi-question quizzes, text and win, and interactive games. Players pay per SMS and accumulate points for each SMS they send.
How to play
Text the key word to 170 and receive a response message from 170 informing you of your action points, rank positions and total points.
Sample response text for fishing game:
Floating near Vaiusu, you hook up a Coral Trout worth 50 pts! Ranked 2 with 210 Points. Text 7 to 170 to play again
How much will I be charged?
You will be charged $0.50 SENE for each text
Game duration
Every sms game may vary in duration between 7 to 30 days
–          A customer can expect to receive between 50-110 points when playing a sms game.
–          On certain days customers can expect to receive double, triple or even 5 times the amount of points.
–          (Fishing Game) Some Fish will be worth bonus points during a day e.g. Catch a Marlin worth 5,000 pts today only
Top ranked players will win major prizes e.g. Our last Fishing Game, Rank 1 = Note 8, Rank 2 = S7, Rank 3 Blu won brand new mobile phones
We may at times giveaway daily eCharge or Cash prizes for each sms game.

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Celebrate with Bonus Data

1. Promotion starts on 1st April 2018

2. All prepaid and postpaid capped plan customers are eligible.

3. Bonus Data Bundles will be available only via myBluesky app.

4. Bonus Data to be prioritized before normal data.

5. Out of bundle rate is $0.33per MB

6. Bluesky reserves the right to alter or end these plans at any time.

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Celebrate with Bluesky Credit

1. Promotion starts on 1st April 2018

2. All prepaid and postpaid capped plan customers are eligible.

3. Bonus Data to be automatically enabled when one of the echarge values noted is purchased

4. Bonus Data is only applicable to Echarge and not Recharge Cards

5. Bonus Data to be prioritized over any other data bundles purchased.

6. Bonus Data can be utilized for any data usage.

7. Out of bundle rate is $0.33per MB

8. Bluesky reserves the right to alter or end these plans at any time.

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