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Legal Counsel

Position Title: Legal Counsel
Role Status: Full Time Employee – Fixed term contract (2 years)
Location: Maluafou, Samoa
Reports to: Country Manager of Bluesky Samoa
Business Unit:General Administration
Date:March 2018

Position Summary:
Reporting to the Country Manager of Samoa, the Legal Counsel is responsible for managing the provision of legal services to Bluesky Samoa Limited, including providing legal advice to management, manage the outsourcing of assignments to external counsel, prepare contracts and other legal documents as required, , preparing leases and provide advice on land law issues facing the company, contributing to corporate planning, assist with debt recovery, development of company policy, strategic initiatives and risk management. The role also assists with the provision of legal services to other Bluesky Group entities and to Group projects and working with external legal Counsel.

Major Responsibilities
• Contracts – including negotiation, drafting and review of contracts entered into by the Company.
• Prepare land leases and advise on land law issues facing the company.
• Insurance – including annual review and roll out.
• Debt recovery litigation and other litigation as necessary.
• Advise on employment matters.
• Advise on the distribution and marketing of products and services.
• Manage the outsourcing of assignments to external counsel

• Company liaison with Office of the Regulator.
• Manage Company compliance with regulatory requirements
• Manage regulatory processes, prepare submissions
• Attend to regulatory filings.

• Oversee and manage the liability policies and claims reporting.
• Provide advice to the CM and management on insurance related matters

Company Secretarial:

• Support the Board in relation to constitutional and governance matters

• Member of the executive management team contributing to the overall management of business operations.

Strategic initiatives
• Create and supervise maintenance of contracts database
• Create contract management processes across all departments.
• Carry out contracts, procurement, fair trading, regulatory and other training for staff
• […]

SMS Games

Bluesky prepaid and postpaid capped  customers can play simple text and response driven SMS games which allow customers to go on an adventure by choosing different options. Designed for 2G and feature phones. These include multi-question quizzes, text and win, and interactive games. Players pay per SMS and accumulate points for each SMS they send.
How to play
Text the key word to 170 and receive a response message from 170 informing you of your action points, rank positions and total points.
Sample response text for fishing game:
Floating near Vaiusu, you hook up a Coral Trout worth 50 pts! Ranked 2 with 210 Points. Text 7 to 170 to play again
How much will I be charged?
You will be charged $0.50 SENE for each text
Game duration
Every sms game may vary in duration between 7 to 30 days
–          A customer can expect to receive between 50-110 points when playing a sms game.
–          On certain days customers can expect to receive double, triple or even 5 times the amount of points.
–          (Fishing Game) Some Fish will be worth bonus points during a day e.g. Catch a Marlin worth 5,000 pts today only
Top ranked players will win major prizes e.g. Our last Fishing Game, Rank 1 = Note 8, Rank 2 = S7, Rank 3 Blu won brand new mobile phones
We may at times giveaway daily eCharge or Cash prizes for each sms game.

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Celebrate with Bonus Data

1. Promotion starts on 1st April 2018

2. All prepaid and postpaid capped plan customers are eligible.

3. Bonus Data Bundles will be available only via myBluesky app.

4. Bonus Data to be prioritized before normal data.

5. Out of bundle rate is $0.33per MB

6. Bluesky reserves the right to alter or end these plans at any time.

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Celebrate with Bluesky Credit

1. Promotion starts on 1st April 2018

2. All prepaid and postpaid capped plan customers are eligible.

3. Bonus Data to be automatically enabled when one of the echarge values noted is purchased

4. Bonus Data is only applicable to Echarge and not Recharge Cards

5. Bonus Data to be prioritized over any other data bundles purchased.

6. Bonus Data can be utilized for any data usage.

7. Out of bundle rate is $0.33per MB

8. Bluesky reserves the right to alter or end these plans at any time.

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Super $7 E-Charge

Prepaid Landline

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Superior 4G Plus Network

We are pleased to announce the Launch and Introduction of Our Superior 4G Plus Network in Samoa. This is by far the leading milestone and largest investment in Bluesky history since 2011. We are proud to bring to you the latest technology and be the first to introduce 4G Plus to Samoa on Tuesday 7th March 2017.

4G Plus or LTE-advance is the technology we are introducing which is the next generation of 4G or LTE. And to be the first to bring this technology to Samoa is something we are really proud of. In an ideal scenario our network could deliver more than 100mbps download and 40mbps upload. These naturally depend on many factors such as spectrum availability, and handsets the customer uses. We have conducted internal tests and the test results are mind blowing.

So what is 4G Plus? 4G Plus is another name given to the 4th Generation of mobile networks. 4G Plus (LTE-Advanced) is the new term for the enhancement of our 4G network, which allows 4G handsets to receive data from multiple bands. 4G Plus operates on two bands i.e. 1800MHz and 700MHz for a superior connection – something Samoa has never had before.

4G Plus is designed to enable a further step change in data rates.  Incorporating higher order MIMO (2×2 and beyond) and allowing carrier aggregation into a single stream, 4G Plus’ target is to achieve peak data rates of 1 billion of bits per second.

We have forty 4G sites live today and this means that we will cover more than 50% of Samoa’s population with 4G coverage. The more important fact is that 50% of our 4G coverage will have 4G Plus.  Our coverage areas will span from

Apia Town […]

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Falenet – More Data Promotion

Terms & Conditions

Offer applies to new or existing Falenet customers only. Validity period of new plan is the same as the normal data bundles. Falenet echarge available at all retail outlets and Bluesky re-sellers.  Call 67121 or visit us at retail to sign up.

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Business Sales Executive

Job Title: Business Sales Executive
Location: Nuuuli, American Samoa
Report to: Sales Manager
Position Type: Full time

Job Summary

Reporting to Sales Manager, identify sales opportunities and develop new business accounts; achieve sales targets for a wide range of Bluesky services and products.

Qualifications/Work Experience Requirements

At least 2 to 5 years sales experience; preferably business to business sales in telecommunications field; may have tertiary qualifications
Effective time management and organizational skills as well as sound product knowledge and industry perspective
Strong communication skills and ability to build solid working relationships with a variety of businesses
Possess a demonstrated thorough understanding and knowledge of relevant sales concepts, processes and activities
Fundamental problem solving abilities
Valid driver’s license with clean driving record


Identify business sales prospects through face to face solicitation of targeted prospects within an assigned territory or following leads from internal and/or external sources
Achieve new sales quotas and maintain established business customers in an assigned territory
Arrange and conduct product demonstrations and presentations
Monitor industry and competitor sales and product strategies, and promotional campaigns
Negotiate price and volume discounts within well defined schedules and guidelines
Complete small, short-term projects with weekly to quarterly timeframes; perform ongoing, regular assigned tasks on a weekly/monthly basis
Provide Residential Sales leads to appropriate representative
Complete small, short-term projects with weekly to quarterly timeframes
Perform ongoing, regular tasks on a weekly/monthly basis
Perform other duties as assigned
Work independently with minimal supervision

Legal Counsel

Job Title: Legal Counsel
Reports to: Country Manager and General Corporate Counsel
Position Type: Full Time / Exempt
Location: Nuuuli, Am. Samoa

Job Summary:

To assist in providing legal advice to management and the Board and preparing legal documents as required, manage company leases and all land law issues facing the company, and assist with company contracts and regulatory approvals.

Primary Responsibilities

 Provide legal advice and research as required by Management and Corporate General Counsel from time to time.

 Manage company land issues inclusive of special project to review and update all current land leases, address issues about lack of adequate documentation, sub-lease arrangement, leases in other parties’ names, payment of turnover based rent, renewal of leases coming up for expiry.

 Create and maintain company Lease Database, in association with regional legal team.

 Provide the appropriate legal and regulatory advice on the business activities of the company including FCC compliance, distribution and marketing of its products and services, and HR matters.

 Draft agreements inclusive of special project to review all company contractual processes, database of contracts, alignment of contracts with Bluesky Group standard documents.  Provide legal assistance with debt recovery and other litigation inclusive of resolving litigation over company property.

 Create and maintain company Contract Database, in association with regional legal team.

 Anticipate and identify issues and risks, recommending potential solutions and identifying trends in the law relating to relevant business affairs.  Obtain regulatory approvals from the Attorney General’s office for applicable corporate and other legal matters and the Governor’s office for telecommunications regulatory matters.

 Conduct minor litigation on behalf of the company (including court appearances) and manage litigation briefed to external legal counsel.  Provide monthly reporting to Corporate General Counsel as required.

 Work with external legal […]