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WIN Cash & Top-up This White Sunday 2019

Promotion Starts: 27th September 2019
Promotion Ends: 30th October 2019

Conditions for the daily draw

Customers can enter the Win Cash & Top-Up this White Sunday promotion through either of the following entry points, each action will count as ONE entry:

Buy any weekly Fiafia bundle
Top-up $10 or more

There will be a daily winner for all 35 days of the promotion
Cash prize will be given in Mtala value whereby the winner must register for Mtala to claim their prize
Below customers will be eligible for the promotion:

Prepaid Mobile Customers
Postpaid Capped Customers
Prepaid Fixedline Customers

Promotion is valid only for permanent residents of Samoa and person age 21 years and over
Staff and their nuclear family are not entitled to participate
Tourist and anyone on visit visa status are not eligible
Corporate pure postpaid customers are not eligible for this promotion.
Once the number is drawn the verification process will be conducted prior to calling the customers
If the winning number is switched-off then we will re-draw
If the winning number does not answer the call then there will be 3 more attempts within a 5 minute period
Daily draws will be conducted based on all entries received from 27th Sep 2019 00:00AM – 30th Oct 11:59pm
All entries will accumulate each day starting from the promotion launch
Customers can have multiple entries
Eligible entries from Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be drawn on Mondays and Monday 14th Oct 2019 eligible entries will be drawn on Tuesday 15th October 2019
All draws will be carried out using www.random.org based on the entries received with GCA Representative present

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Win Cash!

Promotion Starts:1st of June.
Promotion Ends: 26th of July.

How to Enter:
There are two ways to enter into this promotion
(1) Existing Prepaid Mobile & Postpaid Capped Mobile customers can purchase an Unlimited Data Bundle for $1 tala (1 hour validity) by dialing *888# to bring up the USSD Menu or using the MyBluesky App.
(2) Non-Bluesky Customers are to buy a New Super Sim Card & activating it by topping up $5 tala or more.

The Prizes:
1 x Winner is selected weekly for $5,000 tala cash Prize.
1 x winner is selected every 4 weeks for the S10+ Mobile phone prize.

Who are not eligible to enter?
Tourist and anyone on a visiting visa status are not eligible for this promotion.
Bluesky Corporate pure postpaid customers are not eligible for this promotion.
Bluesky Staff and their NUCLEAR family are not entitled to participate

Who are eligible?
This promotion is valid only for permanent residents of Samoa.
Bluesky Prepaid and Post-paid capped Mobile Users

This promotion is GCA approved: GCA: SPS024-2019

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Information on how to enter forms part of the terms and conditions of entry. Entry into the promotion is deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions. Headings in this document are included for ease of reference, and do not affect interpretation in any way.


The promoter is Bluesky Samoa, Maluafou, Upolu, Samoa (telephone number +685 67788) (Promoter).


Promotion Duration

All references to time in this document are a reference to the local time in Samoan time on the date stated. The promotion commences at 00:01am on the
Start: 25th March 2019
Ends:23:59pm on Friday, 10th May2019
Draw Date: Tuesday, 14th May 2019
Presentation Date: Friday, 24th May 2019

Eligibility to enter

Entry is open only to Samoan residents aged 21 years and over (Eligible Entrants), excluding directors, management, employees and their immediate families of the Promoter and its related bodies corporate and visiting tourists into the country. Immediate family means any of the following: spouse, ex-spouse, defacto spouse, child or step child (whether natural or by adoption), parent, step parent, grandparent, step grandparent, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew, brother, sister, stepbrother, stepsister or 1st cousin.

Entry into the promotion

Entry is for Bluesky Prepaid Mobile, Postpaid Capped Mobile & Prepaid Fixed Line customers are eligible for this promotion. Customers can enter into this promotion by Texting the word “PARIS” to 180, Call 180, enter through *888# under Promotions or enter through MyBluesky App. Each entry will be charged 99 sene. This promotion has been approved by GCA. Call 121 or 67121 for more information.
Each SMS and Calls cost $0.99 sene per (1) entry.
The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any late, lost or misdirected entries including SMS messages/ calls not received […]

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BLUESKY Postpaid Mobile Terms & Conditions

Definitions: (In this Agreement)
“Acceptable Use Policy” refers to the standards and policies that the Customer must follow when using the Plan, a copy of which can be viewed on our website: www.blueskysamoa.ws and is subject to change from time to time at Bluesky’s discretion .

“Add On Bundle” means an additional bundle of Data, Minutes and or SMS available for the Customer to purchase and use in conjunction with their Plan.
“Agreement” means the Mobile Plan Sign up Form and these Terms and Conditions which, upon your signature forms a legally binding contract between you and Bluesky.
“Allowance” refers to any Voice, SMS or Data quota included with the postpaid plan.

“Billing Period” refers to 21st of month through to 20th of following month.

“Billing Quota Refresh Period”  is the 21st of each month for Pure Postpaid plans or the 1st of each month for Capped Postpaid plans.

“Bluesky”, “our”, “us” or “we” means Bluesky Samoa Limited.
“Bluesky network” refers to the mobile cellular services network operated by Bluesky in Samoa.

“Bluesky number” means a 7 digit mobile number from the number range available to Bluesky.
“Capped Plan” means a plan where the allocated Voice, SMS, and/or Data bundle has a fixed monthly quota

“Customer” or “you” or “your” refers to the customer specified in the Sign Up Form.
“Customer Account” means any account the Plan is attached to or any account the Customer has with Bluesky for any of its services, including the Plan, and can refer to a consolidated account.
“Data” means mobile internet data.
“Excess Rates” refers to the additional usage rates for Data, Minutes and SMS set out in the Sign Up Form. These rates are not fixed and Bluesky reserves the right to change the excess rates from time to time and these will be available on our website at www.blueskysamoa.ws.

“Fees and Charges” refers to all fees […]

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Postpaid Broadband

Customers internet data is valid for a month. Unused data will rollover for one month. This term is valid for 24 months from date of activation. Once
maximum cap is reached, customer is required to purchase one of the Add-on packages to continue using internet. Bluesky will provide the Customer
with a monthly e-bill statement that will be emailed to them no later than the 28th of each month and full payment is due no later than the 10th of the
following month. Upon termination, all outstanding to date and the remaining contract period must be settled in full. This applies immaterial of the
number of services held by the customer. Full terms and conditions are available on our website.

a) Equipment remains the property of Bluesky during the term of the agreement.
b) Bluesky has the right to inspect the equipment
c) Customer is liable to pay full value of equipment due to damages caused by customer at time of inspection. A certificate of damages will be
issued by Bluesky technician.
d) Replacement of equipment applies only to manufacturing defects.
e) Customer must inform Bluesky in writing if any change in E-bill address and Location

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Moana TV

Plans applies to all new and existing prepaid customers in the Moana TV coverage area. Postpaid customers will sign into a contract of 24 months.

Prepaid customers will be on a Pay As You Go basis where monthly charge is required to be paid upfront for connection to be active.
All equipments used for this connection will remain as Bluesky property throughout the full term. Breaching the terms of this contract will result in removal of the equipment from the customer premises.

Postpaid customers are required to pay an early termination fee of $500 if service is terminated within the initial 24 month term (Disconnection due to non-payment is excluded). Customer will be required to pay remaining cost of equipment in the event that the equipment is damaged or faulty at the time of removal due to breaching the terms of this contract.

Payment data for postpaid customers is dependent on billing cycle.
Prepaid customers billing cycle is set by activation or last reconnected date. Disconnections are processed daily, per billing cycle.
Bill reminder will be emailed to customers prior to disconnection. Customers will be given 90 days to reconnect otherwise Bluesky equipment will be removed.

Warranty is for 30 days and only applies for the modems and STB units. There is no warranty for the remote controls. Warranty does not cover faults due to power surge/electrical fault, burnt or mishandling of modem/stb or water and/or physical damage from carelessness. Promotions apply to Prepaid customers only.

Customers must have an email address and an alternate phone number for correspondence. Should a customer opt for additional service or broadband plan update, they can then benefit from the new discounted MoanaTV monthly rental.

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Terms & Conditions: 5 for 20 Minutes to Vodafone Fiji

1. Promotion available to Bluesky customers only

2. Free Minutes ONLY applies within the same call. If the customer does not talk for the full 20 minutes, they cannot redeem them.

3. Promotion includes calls from:
• Prepaid Mobile
• Postpaid Mobile
• Landline
• Prepaid Fixed Line

4. Employees are eligible for this promotion

5. Normal rating of $0.35 per minute apply to first 5 minutes of each call, excluding texting to specified destination

6. Promotion available at both peak and off-peak times

7. Call 121 for more information

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Terms and Conditions – Student Sim

1. Each student is only entitled to 1 SIM card per person.

2. Student sims will be available ONLY at our Retail Stores.

3. For Student verification, students can obtain approval from one of the below:

· Valid Student ID

· Signed Letter from School

· Face to face confirmation by a parent or guardian

· Students to come into store in School uniform

4. A Student SIM is FREE.

5. Student will be entitled to all Prepaid Mobile promotional offers except for Free Weekend.

6. Student Sims offer Free Data on one of the below:

· Echarge $6 and get FREE 1GB data valid for 7 days

Ø Free data will be utilized before any other data bundles

Ø Free data is additional to the $6 credit that customer echarges.

Ø Free Data is open to all internet activity

· FREE 200MB Bluezone Data DAILY to use at any of our Bluezone locations around Samoa.

Ø Free Bluezone data will be valid everyday as long as the student sim is active.

7. Call Me Back feature is FREE with Student Sim

8. Student Sim is valid for 12 months and may be renewed upon confirmation that the customer is still a student.

9. Bluesky reserves the right to end or amend the stated promotion at any time and will advise customers accordingly

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Terms & Conditions – International Calling Promotion (Australia & New Zealand)

1. Below customers are eligible for this promotion.
* Prepaid Mobile Customers
* Postpaid Capped Customers
* Prepaid Fixedline Customers

2.  Free Minutes ONLY apply within the same call. If the customer does not talk for over 5minutes, they cannot redeem them.

3. All international calls (excluding NZ & Aus) will be charged as per rate card

4. Prices are GST Inclusive

5. Normal rating  of $0.35 per minute apply to first 5 minutes and from the 26th minute thereafter of each call, excluding texting to specified destination.

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Support Manu 7s to San Francisco Promotion

1.All prepaid mobile, Postpaid Capped Mobile, Residential Landline & Prepaid Fixed Line customers are eligible for this promotion.

2.Corporate pure postpaid customers are not eligible for this promotion.

3.Promotion is valid only for permanent residents of Samoa.

4.Bluesky & SRU staff and immediate family will not be entitled to this promotion

Definition of Immediate Family:

Married: Husband/Wife & Children
Unmarried: Father/Mother & Siblings

5.Customers can enter into this promotion through the below:

SMS to Shortcode 180 (Prepaid & Postpaid Mobile, Prepaid Fixedline)
Calls to Shortcode 180(Prepaid & Postpaid Mobile, Prepaid Fixedline & Residential Landline)
Enter through myBluesky app or USSD.
All touch points will charge 99sene/entry.

6.All entries will accumulate to the final draw.

7.Daily draws will be conducted based on all entries received for that day (00:00 – 11.59pm)

7.All draws are treated independent of each other; meaning customers can win more than once (based on ww.random.org data) during the promotion.

8.All draws will be carried out using www.random.org based on the entries received.

9.The final draw will be carried out with police as witness.

10.All messages sent to 180 will be counted as an entry and 99sene will be deducted.

11.Daily winners will be notified via a phone call from Bluesky Marketing Team

12.Final Draw or Winner for the 2018 Ford Ranger will be drawn using the www.random.org where once we have the winning number, we will do the normal verifications before calling customer. If customer does not answer after 3 calls within 20 minutes, we will re-draw and follow the same process.

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