Title:                                ISP Engineer – Core Servers
Position Type:                  Full Time
Location:                          Maluafou, Samoa
Department:                     Information Systems and Services (ISS)
Reports to:                       Manager of ISS


Position Overview

The role is responsible for broadband and bit stream servers, all ISP core services, email servers, virtualization technology configurations.


Primary Responsibilities

  •  Management of the Domain Name Server (DNS) hosting.
  • Configuring of email services and web hosting on server as follows:
  • VQadmin, Quail Postmaster, Apache, MySQL, Virtual servers.
  • Configuration and management of VPN links.
  • Configuration and management of Firewall interfaces-Fortinet M/Fougate
  • Establish, set up and commissioning of monitoring platform servers -Nagios, cacti and Smokeping.
  • WISP and Bit stream account management.
  • Maintenance of Email server, Radius Server, and Database Servers
  • Configuration and maintenance of all Cisco Routers.
  • Broadband Faults Calls – assists customers enquiries in collaboration with The Data Networks Team
  • Coordinate broadband and bit stream related activities with other Departments including Sales and Marketing, Customer Services, Data Team.
  • Responsible for the operations and maintenance of the Tarka Systems.
  • Handle LAN, WAN, MSTN and MSC LAN and all other LAN connectivity.
  • Assist in the operation and maintenance of the core backbone LAN.
  • Assist in handling of ISP connectivity.
  • Handle DSLAM virtual interconnections.

Preferred Technical Skills

Cisco, Linux or other *NIX OS,  Windows Server OS’s; Wireless technologies including and not limited to 802.a/b/g/n, Web & Net security, BGP/OSPF routing; L2 switching; Java; Perl; SQL; SOAP and HTML API’s;  DOCSIS2.0/3.0; CMTS; TDM/IP Transmission/Transport Systems; PtP/PtMP Wireless solutions.

Qualifications/Work Experience Requirements:

  •  University degree in Computer Science, Telecommunications or other related fields or at least 4+ years of practical work experience in TCP/IP, IP Addressing, Routing Protocols, DNS, DHCP, Radius, data processing, broadband configurations, data networks implementation, and installations
  • Cisco Certification
  • LAN/WAN Knowledge, Network knowledge, Network Design and implementation, TCP/IPv6 knowledge, Network troubleshooting, Network Hardware configuration, Network performance tuning, Problem solving, Information Technology; Management Information Systems
  • Expected to stay informed of current news, system information, changes and updates relevant to our user community
  • Aptitude for quickly learning technical and procedural topics
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to work varying work schedule based on operational needs (i.e. on call; respond to emergency calls)
  • Strong analytical and organizational skills
  • Excellent team-working skills, stress resistant
  • Excellent customer service abilities
  • Abilities to take initiatives and make decisions
  • Must be familiar with primary rates and basic rates configurations
  • Good understanding of server configuration, TCP/IP systems and equipments
  • A good understanding of the broadband and bitstream network, servers configurations and ATM, Frame Relay and other Data Transmission technology
  • Matured individual requiring minimum supervision with the ability of resolving problems on their own
  • A dedicated team member of the Bluesky work force.