How much does it cost?

Installation of your residential landline is a one-off Set Up fee of $60.00 and the monthly rental of the line is $24.00 per month (VAGST Inclusive).  Your call charges are separate and billed to you on your monthly bill. For call charges see Landline Plans.

Your Installation fee covers:

  1. The cost of one 6 meter pole
  2. Up to 200m of cable
  3.  The provision of up to 30m of internal wiring to a single socket
  4.  Linesman labour.

Your monthly line rental covers:

  1. An option to list your number in the Yellow Pages, powered by Bluesky.
  2. Maintenance of the Bluesky network.
  3. Emergency operator assistance.

Things you should know

  • Residential Landline Connections are available in most but not all areas. To check if a Landline connection is available in your area call 67788 or 123 from a BlueSky phone.
  • The Rental Fee does not include the cost of the Telephone Handset. You must buy your handset separately.
  • For Standard Call Plan Charges applicable please refer to Plans.
  • The Set Up Fee covers the provision of one wire to a single socket only. In difficult conditions, the Set Up fee may be adjusted at the discretion of Bluesky.
  • Additional Set Up Fees may apply for all installations that are over 200 meters from existing telephone reticulation or where additional Access Poles are required to provide service to the Customer’s home. These“out of the ordinary” installations are outside the scope of this product offering, and should be referred to a Bluesky Account Manager ( for quotation.

For more enquiries feel free to call our Customer Care 121 from a Bluesky Mobile or 123 from a Landline.