Plans applies to all new and existing prepaid customers in the Moana TV coverage area. Postpaid customers will sign into a contract of 24 months.

Prepaid customers will be on a Pay As You Go basis where monthly charge is required to be paid upfront for connection to be active.
All equipments used for this connection will remain as Bluesky property throughout the full term. Breaching the terms of this contract will result in removal of the equipment from the customer premises.

Postpaid customers are required to pay an early termination fee of $500 if service is terminated within the initial 24 month term (Disconnection due to non-payment is excluded). Customer will be required to pay remaining cost of equipment in the event that the equipment is damaged or faulty at the time of removal due to breaching the terms of this contract.

Payment data for postpaid customers is dependent on billing cycle.
Prepaid customers billing cycle is set by activation or last reconnected date. Disconnections are processed daily, per billing cycle.
Bill reminder will be emailed to customers prior to disconnection. Customers will be given 90 days to reconnect otherwise Bluesky equipment will be removed.

Warranty is for 30 days and only applies for the modems and STB units. There is no warranty for the remote controls. Warranty does not cover faults due to power surge/electrical fault, burnt or mishandling of modem/stb or water and/or physical damage from carelessness. Promotions apply to Prepaid customers only.

Customers must have an email address and an alternate phone number for correspondence. Should a customer opt for additional service or broadband plan update, they can then benefit from the new discounted MoanaTV monthly rental.