At Bluesky, we like to offer our customers more flexibility and control over how much they spend per month.Our Go Blue Prepaid plan gives you exactly that.If you sign up for a Prepaid plan, you are given control over how much you spend on calls, SMS and data, without the hassle of monthly bills.

Local Call Rates



All rates are VAGST inclusive and in Samoa Tala (SAT).

*To activate this rate dial *123# from your mobile device.

*Calls are charged per 6-seconds increment.

International Call Rates


Group 1 A $0.55
Group1 B $0.59
Group 2 $0.79
Group 3 $0.89
Group 4 $0.99
Group 5 $1.79
Group 6 $3.99
Group 7 $20.91

*All rates are VAGST inclusive and in Samoan tala (SAT).

*Calls are charged per 6-seconds increment.

International Call Groups

Group 1 A American Samoa (Bluesky), Fiji
Group 1 B American Samoa (ASTCA)
Group 2 Australia, New Zealand
Group 3 French Polynesian, Guam, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, New Caledonia, Norfolk Islands, Palau, Tuvalu, Wallis & Futuna
Group 4 China, USA (Mainland), Hawaii, Alaska
Group 5 Bangladesh, Belgium, Brunei, Canada, Cook Is, Denmark, East Timor, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea Republic (South), Laos, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Maldives, Mariana Islands, Myanmar, Nepal, Netherlands, Niue, Norway, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Tokelau, Tonga, United Kingdom, Vanuatu, Yugoslavia
Group 6 Rest of the World
Group 7 Immarset (Global Satellite Antarctica)


Local Mobile $0.20
International Mobile $0.20

*All rates are VAGST inclusive and in Samoan Tala (SAT). Bluesky Message Centre Number: +685750004


We have launched our new Superior 4G+ network. We offer no more buffering, a faster experience & the best internet data plans for your mobile. To access these plans dial *888# from your mobile device or download the My Bluesky app from any App store (Play store or Apple App store). Pay-as-you-go rate is $0.33/mb.

Super Data Bundles


Plan Name Cost Validity Data Allocation
Daily Lite $2.00 24 Hours 500MB
Daily Super $3.00 24 Hours 700MB
2 Day Lite $5.00 2 Days 1GB
2 Day Super $6.00 2 Days 1.5GB
5 Day Lite $7.00 5 Days 2GB
5 Day Super $11.00 5 Days 2.5GB
Weekly Super $15.00 7 Days 4GB
5 Day Premium $20.00 5 Days 6GB
Bi-Monthly Pass $45.00 15 Days 10GB
Bi-Monthly Premium $100.00 30 Days 12GB
Monthly Pass $100.00 30 Days 25GB

Casual Rate per MB – $ 0.33


Facebook Bundles

Plan Name Cost Validity Regular MB’s Free Facebook
$1 Plan $1.00 1 hr 0 3GB
$3 Plan $3.00 2 days 500 1GB
$6 Plan $6.00 3 days 700 1GB
$11 Plan $11.00 7 days 1GB 1GB

Casual Rate per MB – $ 0.33

Night Time Bundles

Plan Name Cost Validity Data Allocation
$2.99 Plan $ 2.99 12am – 6am 2.5GB
$4.99 Plan $ 4.99 12am – 6am 6GB

Casual Rate per MB – $ 0.33

*promotional offer

Youtube Bundles

Plan Name Cost Validity Regular MBs Youtube Data
$1 Plan $ 1.00 1 Hour 0 3GB
$3 Plan $ 3.00 2 Days 500MB 1GB
$6 Plan $ 6.00 3 Days 700MB 1GB
$11 Plan $ 11.00 7 Days 1GB 1GB

Casual Rate per MB – $ 0.33


To sign up for Bluesky’s Prepaid plan, please visit your nearest Bluesky retail store for a Prepaid SIM card.

Prepaid Terms & Conditions

1.Definitions:Bluesky”, “our”, or “we” means Bluesky Samoa Limited. “Bluesky network” refers to the mobile cellular services network operated by Bluesky in the Independent State of Samoa. “Bluesky number” means a 7digit mobile number from the number range available to Bluesky for its Prepaid Services. “Casual rates” refers to our pay-as-you-go rates in effect from time to time. For a current listing of our casual rates, please visit our website at “Customer” or “you” or “your” refers to any person who purchases or uses a SIM pack and/or our Prepaid Services. “Charges” means the applicable rates for our Prepaid Services as advertised on our website, in any promotion or pursuant to any Prepaid Plan. “Data” means mobile internet data. “IOU” means the amount you agree to borrow from Bluesky to use our Prepaid Services. “Minutes” means call time on network or off-network. “PIN” means personal identification number. “Prepaid Bundle/Plan” means a Bluesky prepaid mobile bundle or plan that you purchase using your Prepaid Credit. “Prepaid Credit” means credit in Samoan Tala allocated to a specific SIM card. “Prepaid Services” means our prepaid mobile cellular service you pay for in advance with no fixed term contract and any related products and services we provide to you, such as SMS, Voice, Data and Prepaid Bundles/Plans. “SIM card” means a Bluesky prepaid Subscriber Identity Module card encoded with a Bluesky number. “SIM pack” means the Bluesky number and SIM card which will connect you to the Bluesky network. “SMS” means Short Message Service. “Terms” means these Prepaid Terms. “USSD menu” means the quick code protocol we provide with our Prepaid Services. “Voice” means voice communications. “$” refers to Samoan Tala. 2. Interpretation: In interpreting these Terms headings to clauses are for reference only and are not an aid in interpretation; words importing the plural include the singular and vice versa, any obligation to do something will be deemed to include an obligation not to suffer, permit or cause that thing to be done. 3. Application of these Terms: These Terms apply and you accept these Terms when you purchase or use an SIM Pack and/or our Prepaid Services. 4. Variations: These Terms may be changed by Bluesky from time to time and without notice to you. For the most up to date version of these Terms, please visit our website at 5. Activation of the Bluesky network: To commence using our Prepaid Services, you must connect to the Bluesky network using an SIM Pack. 6. Using our Prepaid Services: Once you are connected to the Bluesky network and provided you have Prepaid Credit or agree to an IOU, you may start using our Prepaid Services at any time. 7. Free services: Not withstanding Clause 8 of these Terms, you may contact the following numbers free of charge: a) 121 (Bluesky Call centre); b) 994 (Fire), 995 (Police), 996 (Ambulance), 997 (Disaster Management); c) Any other number we may determine. 8. Payment: In consideration for providing Prepaid Services to you, you agree to pay Bluesky the Charges. Unless otherwise stated, the Charges are automatically deducted from your Prepaid Credit or IOU balance as follows: a) Data: Data usage is billed per megabyte blocks; b) Calls: Call usage is billed in blocks of six (6) seconds. Usage is rounded up to the end of the current block; c) SMS: SMS are billed per SMS successfully transmitted. 9. Prepaid Credit: Charges will be deducted from your Prepaid Credit balance. You can purchase Prepaid Credit from any one of our outlets, resellers or online at Bluesky Online Echarge. You are responsible for keeping proof of purchase of any Prepaid Credit you buy. In the event you believe that Prepaid Credit purchased by you was not credited to your Bluesky number, we are only obliged to credit your number upon receipt of proof of purchase. Prepaid credit is valid for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase and if not used within that time will be forfeited. The minimum top up amount for Prepaid Credit is $1. You can check your Prepaid Credit balance by dialing*888#. You can transfer Prepaid Credit to any other Bluesky number by dialing*888# and following the prompts. Prepaid Credit is non-refundable. 10. IOU: if your Prepaid Credit balance is zero, you can agree, for a Charge, to borrow credit from Bluesky using our USSD menu. The maximum amount you can borrow from us at any given time is $3. When you next purchase Prepaid Credit, the credit will first go towards paying the IOU. Any remaining balance can be used to purchase our Prepaid Services. 11. Prepaid Bundle/Plan: Additional terms will apply when you use a Prepaid Bundle/Plan and if inconsistent with these Terms, take priority. If you use up the entitlements you receive under a Prepaid Bundle/Plan and you have a Prepaid Credit balance, your use of our Prepaid Services will revert to Charges at the casual rates. You will lose any entitlement under a Prepaid Bundle/Plan which you have not used at the end of the specified period for that bundle/plan. Prepaid Bundle/Plan are non-refundable. 12. Responsibility for Data usage: You use Data from when you connect to the internet using your mobile device to when you disconnect. You are solely responsible for your Data usage, including monitoring your Data usage. If you do not wish to use Data you are responsible for disabling the mobile data functionality on your mobile device. It is your responsibility to have sufficient protection and security measures in place as part of monitoring your Data usage. When using Data, some internet services, including websites and email, may not be accessible. Bluesky does not make any warranty regarding (a) accessibility to any content on the World Wide Web and (b) any software or data provided or available to you in connection with Data usage, including with respect to how that software or data operates on your mobile device or interacts with applications on it. 13. Use of SMS: SMS are limited to 160 characters. 14. Use of calls: You may make domestic and international calls using or Prepaid Services, including calls to landlines, numbers on other networks and other Bluesky numbers. Different Charges will apply depending on where you call (local, national or overseas) and what network the caller uses. 15. Service availability: We will use our best efforts to ensure the reliability of our Prepaid Services. However, network coverage and many other factors may affect the availability and performance of our services. Also, our Prepaid Services are subject to device capabilities, network limitations and availability. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that our service connectivity will be continuous or fault-free. 16. SIM cards and Bluesky numbers: SIM cards and Bluesky numbers are Bluesky property. You will return the SIM card in good care if we ask you to. 17. Security: You are to keep your mobile device and SIM card secure at all times. We recommend that you use a PIN to restrict access to your mobile device. You are responsible for paying all Charges even if incurred due to unauthorized access to your mobile device and Prepaid Credit. If you are using a PIN on your mobile device and the PIN is entered incorrectly 3 times in a row, your access to the SIM card may be blocked. To unblock the SIM card you will need the PUK code, which you can get by contacting Customer Services on 121. If your mobile device or SIM card is lost or stolen, you must inform us immediately, which you can do by contacting 121. This is important as you will be responsible for paying all Charges incurred even if not authorized by you. 18. Deactivation of SIM: We will deactivate every SIM card that goes unused for a period of 180 Days and as a result: (a) you will lose any Prepaid Credit; (b) you will lose your allocated Bluesky number; (c) you will lose any names, numbers or other information stored on the SIM card. We may also deactivate the SIM you are using without notice to you if we believe that you are using our Service to spam others or for any other abusive, illegal or fraudulent purpose or in a manner which may cause damage to the Bluesky network. 19. Harm transmitted via Prepaid Services: Bluesky is not responsible for any harm or loss you may suffer as a result of any virus or other manipulating program transmitted using our Prepaid Services or any spamming, abusive or other inappropriate communication to you by any person. 20. Caller Number Identification: As a standard feature Bluesky sends the Bluesky number allocated to the SIM card every time you make a call. The number may be displayed on the mobile or telephone of the party called if that person uses caller ID. 21. Storage and release of information: Information we may have about you, including call log, Data usage, and SMS usage information, is kept strictly confidential. However, we will, if required by law, release any information about you or related to your use of our Prepaid Services to the Police or any regulatory authority. 22. Bluesky SMS: Bluesky reserves the right to send marketing/promotional/notification SMS to its customers. These SMS will be sent during 6 am and 6 pm. You can opt out from receiving any such SMS by selecting the opt-out option on our USSD menu. 23. Customer complaints: If you have a concern or complaint regarding our Prepaid Services or any other services we may offer, you may contact Customer Services on 121. You may also if you do not believe that we have adequately addressed your complaint, contact the Office of the Regulator on telephone +685 30282 or