What is M-Tala?

M-Tala is a transfer or exchange of electronic value money that enables you to send and receive money anywhere in Samoa using your Bluesky mobile phone.

M-Tala will give users the freedom of Withdrawing cash from any of our Bluesky Retail Stores or authorized Bluesky Agents (maximum limit of $1,000 tala a day), Send money in real time securely and instantly from anywhere in Samoa, pay your Bluesky Post-paid Bills, receive the best M-Tala Data Bundles and gradually M-tala will be expanding to ensure you can pay your utility bills without the need of travelling far distances to wait in long queues – this can all be done by registering your Bluesky mobile number with M-Tala & using Bluesky’s USSD Menu, *175#.

How do I get started or how do I activate the M-Tala service?

To activate M-Tala service on your Bluesky mobile, you will need register your number:

  • To register, visit any Bluesky store with a copy of your ID for verification.
  • If your number is registered but not activated for M-Tala call our M-Tala Helpline at 67121 to ask for assistance.
  • If you are registered for M-Tala and have forgotten your activation code, dial *175# and select option 2 to retrieve your activation code. Once you have your activation code, dial *175# and select option 1 to activate your account.
  • You can register and open your M-Tala account with a balance of SAT $0.00. Once a customer is registered for M-Tala, they can dial *175# to access the M-Tala menu on their mobile phone and follow the steps.

code, dial *175# and select option 1 to activate your account.


Transfer Money $1 – $100 $0.50
Transfer Money $101 – $1,000 $1.00
Withdraw Money $1 – $100 $1.00
Withdraw Money $101 – $1,000 $2.00


NOTE: There is a daily limit of $1,000 for transfers or withdrawals.

Tier 2 customers (Non-photo ID type) will have a daily limit of $100 for transfers or withdrawals

What can I do with the M-Tala service?

  • Deposit money into your mobile phone (maximum account balance allowed $10,000).
  • Transfer funds from your bank account to your M-Tala.
  • Send money to any mobile phone user (registered or not registered for M-Tala on the Bluesky Network).
  • Receive money from other M-Tala customers.
  • Make bill payments like Moana TV, Bluesky Post-paid accounts etc.
  • Withdraw cash at any authorized M-Tala Agent. • Buy E-Charge or M-Tala Data bundles. Check the balance on your M-Tala account.
  • Change your M-Tala secret PIN at anytime.
  • Check the last five transactions on your M-Tala account [mini statement].

DO I need to have a minimum amount in my account?

You can have a minimum of SAT $0.00 and a maximum of up to SAT $10,000.

Do I need to pay any service charges for having an M-Tala account?

M-Tala registration is free of charge; there are no account maintenance fees and there is no minimum balance requirement. You only pay for the transactions you carry out [i.e. send money, withdraw cash, Pay Bills and Utilities, request M-Tala balance by text & mini statement]. There are no charges for depositing money in your M-Tala account.

Can I use my eCharge balance to top-up my M-Tala account?

Your M-Tala account is completely separate from your Bluesky prepaid E-Charge account. Consequently, you cannot use your eCharge to top up your M-Tala account. However, you can use the balance in your M-Tala account to buy E-Charge for your own phone or another Bluesky prepaid number.

Does M-Tala work across networks?

M-Tala is available for Bluesky customers only.

What is the difference between a registered M-Tala customer and an unregistered customer?

A registered M-Tala customer can access the full M-Tala menu and is able to carry out all the services described above [especially deposit money, send money, bill payment, buy E-Charge, check balance & mini-statement]. An unregistered customer can only go to an Agent to withdraw the cash received but cannot carry out any other M-Tala transaction.

Where can I buy M-Tala value?

From any Bluesky Retail stores and M-Tala Agent outlets in Upolu and Savaii.

What do I do in case I send money to a wrong number?

Call M-Tala helpline – 67121 – or visit your nearest Bluesky store to ask for assistance. Customers are given an option to view and confirm the transaction details before they press “send” to complete the transaction. Therefore, it is always in your interest to carefully review and confirm the details before you send – because once executed the transaction may not be reversible.

Is it possible to Top-up unregistered user’s mobile number?

You can buy E-Charge for any Bluesky prepaid or postpaid capped number using your M-Tala account whether they are registered or not for M-Tala service. There are no charges for using your M-Tala account balance to buy E-Charge.

Can I E-Charge if I am a Postpaid customer? (excluding Postpaid Capped)

Bluesky postpaid customers registered on M-Tala can buy E-Charge for other Bluesky prepaid or postpaid capped numbers, but not their own or other postpaid numbers. However, to E-Charge, you must have a balance in your M-Tala account greater than or equal to the value of your E-Charge. There is no fee for buying E-Charge through M-Tala.

Will I get promotional deals like Double-up & Triple-up on my E-Charge purchased through M-Tala?

Yes, if the promotional offer is made available through M-Tala, you will be entitled to receive double-up and triple-up promotional deals through M-Tala. These will be made known to the public through the promotion communications.

Does my M-Tala balance double-up or triple-up like my eCharge balance?

No. Your M-Tala balance is separate from the E-Charge account and is therefore NOT subject to any promotions and will not double-up or triple-up.

What happens if I do not get an SMS from M-Tala confirming the transaction?

In case there is a delay in receiving SMS from M-Tala system to confirm any transaction you have carried out, contact Bluesky Customer Care Helpline at 67121.

However, there may be other reasons that may lead to you not receiving the SMS. Your SMS inbox may be full so you may have to delete some of the messages and create space for the new ones. If there is a problem with the SMS service, then you may not receive the text.

A SMS message with a receipt number delivered to your mobile is a confirmation of a successful transaction. If you do not receive a confirmation SMS for an M-Tala transaction, the transaction ill be reversed, and account restored within 10 minutes. You must ensure that for any

M-Tala deposit and withdrawal transaction, you must always receive a SMS confirming the transaction.

A SMS message with a receipt number delivered to your mobile is a confirmation of a successful transaction.

Does my M-Tala Secret PIN number expire?

Your M-Tala Secret PIN number does not expire. However, you can change your Secret PIN at anytime you choose to do so; it is advisable that you change your Secret PIN from time to time and especially when you think someone else may already know your PIN.

What happens if I forget my secret PIN?

You will need to visit a Bluesky Retail store near you for a new activation code in order to reset the PIN. The Retail consultant will verify your account details with your registration details to ensure the information is correct. After successful verification and proof of customer identity, you will be sent an activation code to use in resetting your new secret PIN.

For security purposes, the customer will not be able to access the M-Tala menu before activating their account using the activation code sent to the customer’s mobile number.

What happens if I lose my SIM?

Call customer service helpline to have your account suspended. Proceed to get a SIM replacement through a Bluesky Retail store to retain your number and access your SIM & M-Tala account as normal. There is no risk of you losing your M-Tala account balance when you lose your SIM because access to the M-Tala account is PIN protected which is only known to the registered user.

Will my transactions be limited to the Agent outlet where I registered?

No. Once registered, you can visit any M-Tala Agent in Samoa or Savaii to carry out a transaction.

How safe is my money?

Once registered, your money is safe since every transaction requires identification in the form of a secret PIN. Even if you lose your phone, no one can take out the money from your 0M-Tala account without your secret PIN number.

What happens if the Bluesky network is unavailable? Will the M-Tala service still work?

M-Tala service is dependent on the Bluesky network. Therefore, if the network is unavailable or temporarily inaccessible for some reason, then the M-Tala service will also be affected.

How do I track the activity on my M-Tala account?

You can keep track of all your transactions directly from your phone. M-Tala allows you to check the last five (5) transactions through the mini-statement option under My Account menu. Beyond this, you can request for a full printout of your account from any Bluesky Retail store at a small fee.

Where can I go for M-Tala service?

The M-Tala service is available at any Bluesky retail store and authorized M-Tala Agents in Upolu and Savaii. These may include service stations, supermarkets, banks, E-Charge vendors & other retail outlets near you. A full list of M-Tala Agents are available on the Bluesky website.