Terms &Conditions:

  • You must register your Bluesky mobile number in order to send or deposit money, make bill payments, eChagre or buy M-Tala data bundles via M-Tala.
  • You can only register for M-Tala service at any Bluesky Retail store.
  • You can deposit and withdraw cash from any Bluesky Authorised M-Tala Agent.
  • You can only register once for M-Tala.
  • You must present a Valid and Original ID. Any of the following constitutes as a valid ID – Passport, Palota ID card, Drivers License, Police ID Card, Pensioner’s card, Birth Certificate, Reference Letter, Marriage Certificate, Citizenship Certificate.
    1. A photocopy of your ID will be kept for M-Tala records.
  • No deposit is required when you register for M-Tala.
  • There are no fees for paying your Samoa Water Authority Water Bill using M-Tala.


* The Reimbursement Promotion:

  • The first 100 customers to pay their Samoa Water Authority Water Bill, Bluesky will reimburse up to $100 tala back into their M-Tala account.
  • This promotional offer for reimbursements will only be valid from the 27th of June until the 27th of July, 2019.
  • Bluesky Staff are not eligible for this promotion.
  • The 100 Customers will be contacted from a 67788 number
    1. If the phone is switched off or busy – Bluesky will try (3 x times) before calling the next number.
    2. ONLY 1 x Reimbursement Payment per SWA Account number will be valid.
    3. Payments made more than once to the same SWA Account number will not be eligible for the $100 Reimbursements Offer.
  • You will not be charged for depositing money into your M-Tala account.
  • Fees and charges apply; refer to http://www.blueskysamoa.ws/mtala/ for more information.
  • Customer



What do I do in case I send money to a wrong number?

Call M-Tala helpline – 67126. Or visit any of our Bluesky Retail Outlets for assistance. Customers are given an option to view and confirm the transaction details before they press “send” to complete the transaction. Therefore, it is always in your interest to carefully review and confirm the details before you press the “send” button – because once executed the transaction may not be reversible.


What happens if Ido not get an SMS from M-Tala confirming the transaction?

In case there is a delay in receiving SMS from M-Tala system to confirm any transaction you have carried out, contact Bluesky Customer Care Helpline at 67126.

However, there may be other reasons that may lead to you not receiving the SMS. Your SMS inbox may be full so you may have to delete some of the messages and create space for the new ones. If there is a problem with the SMS service, then you may not receive the text.

A SMS message with a receipt number delivered to your mobile is a confirmation of a successful transaction. If you do not receive a confirmation SMS for an M-Tala transaction, the transaction will be reversed, and account restored within 10 minutes. You must ensure that for any M-Tala deposit and withdrawal transaction, you must always receive a SMS confirming the transaction. A SMS message with a receipt number delivered to your mobile is a confirmation of a successful transaction.

How safe is my money?

Once registered, your money is safe since every transaction requires identification in the form of a secret PIN. Even if you lose your phone, no one can take out the money from your M-Tala account without your secret PIN number.