Project Description

BlueSky offers Mobile Broadband, known as Speednet. It is available both on prepaid and postpaid. Speednet offers best value in data for Mobile Broadband on devices such as dongles, pocket WiFi, tablets etc

Prepaid SpeedNet Plans

Pay-As-You-Go rate per MB (Anytime) $0.30

*All rates are VAGST inclusive and in Samoan Tala (SAT).

You can either use Speednet and Pay-As-You-Go for the above rate of 30 sene per MB, or you can purchase a Speednet Data Bundle.

Plan Name Bundle Price Bundle MBs Bundle MB Expiry Codes
Day Plan $2.00 44 1 day day*1
Week Plan $10.00 240 7 days week*1
Fortnight Mini Plan $25.00 600 14 days fmini*1
Fortnight Mega Plan $90.00 2200 14 days fmega*1

*All charges are VAGST inclusive and in Samoan Tala (SAT).

To purchase a Speednet data bundle, simply text the bundle code to 133.

Postpaid SpeedNet Plans
You can enjoy the speed and mobility of SpeedNet with the convenience of a postpaid plan, billed to you monthly.

Plan Name Price Bundled MBs Validity (Days) Overage Per MB (Anytime) Price/ mb
Smart Lite $45 1100 30 $ 0.27 $ 0.04
Smart Heavy $90 2200 30 $ 0.27 $ 0.04
Smart Mega $150 3700 30 $ 0.27 $ 0.04
Speed Max $240 6000 30 $ 0.25 $ 0.04

*All charges are VAGST inclusive and in Samoan Tala (SAT).

Get SpeedNet
Visit a Bluesky retail location to purchase a Speednet dongle and get connected today! Or email for more information.