Bluesky prepaid and postpaid capped  customers can play simple text and response driven SMS games which allow customers to go on an adventure by choosing different options. Designed for 2G and feature phones. These include multi-question quizzes, text and win, and interactive games. Players pay per SMS and accumulate points for each SMS they send.

How to play

Text the key word to 170 and receive a response message from 170 informing you of your action points, rank positions and total points.

Sample response text for fishing game:

Floating near Vaiusu, you hook up a Coral Trout worth 50 pts! Ranked 2 with 210 Points. Text 7 to 170 to play again

How much will I be charged?

You will be charged $0.50 SENE for each text

Game duration

Every sms game may vary in duration between 7 to 30 days


–          A customer can expect to receive between 50-110 points when playing a sms game.

–          On certain days customers can expect to receive double, triple or even 5 times the amount of points.

–          (Fishing Game) Some Fish will be worth bonus points during a day e.g. Catch a Marlin worth 5,000 pts today only


Top ranked players will win major prizes e.g. Our last Fishing Game, Rank 1 = Note 8, Rank 2 = S7, Rank 3 Blu won brand new mobile phones

We may at times giveaway daily eCharge or Cash prizes for each sms game.