We are pleased to announce the Launch and Introduction of Our Superior 4G Plus Network in Samoa. This is by far the leading milestone and largest investment in Bluesky history since 2011. We are proud to bring to you the latest technology and be the first to introduce 4G Plus to Samoa on Tuesday 7th March 2017.

4G Plus or LTE-advance is the technology we are introducing which is the next generation of 4G or LTE. And to be the first to bring this technology to Samoa is something we are really proud of. In an ideal scenario our network could deliver more than 100mbps download and 40mbps upload. These naturally depend on many factors such as spectrum availability, and handsets the customer uses. We have conducted internal tests and the test results are mind blowing.

So what is 4G Plus? 4G Plus is another name given to the 4th Generation of mobile networks. 4G Plus (LTE-Advanced) is the new term for the enhancement of our 4G network, which allows 4G handsets to receive data from multiple bands. 4G Plus operates on two bands i.e. 1800MHz and 700MHz for a superior connection – something Samoa has never had before.

4G Plus is designed to enable a further step change in data rates.  Incorporating higher order MIMO (2×2 and beyond) and allowing carrier aggregation into a single stream, 4G Plus’ target is to achieve peak data rates of 1 billion of bits per second.

We have forty 4G sites live today and this means that we will cover more than 50% of Samoa’s population with 4G coverage. The more important fact is that 50% of our 4G coverage will have 4G Plus.  Our coverage areas will span from

Apia Town Area to Alafua;

Apia Town Area to Vaoala;

Apia Town Area to Vailele;

Vaitele, Nu’u, Siusega, Vaivase, Fagalii Airport;

And right up to Faleolo Airport.

4G Plus technology allows you to take advantage of a superior internet experience. Quicker uploads and downloads, minimal buffering, improved web browsing, better video viewing, more gaming, and better access to apps and data.

All you need to enjoy this great network is a 4G capable handset, be in a 4G coverage area and take up some of the best 4G plans from Bluesky which have just been introduced to the market.


We are extremely proud that we have addressed all types of audiences and segments that use our services and for those that are not with us, check out our latest offers.  We encourage you to try us out and reconsider your current service provider. We have propositions for:

  1. a) Prepaid Mobile
  2. b) Post-paid Mobile
  3. c) Prepaid Dongle
  4. d) Post-paid Dongle
  5. e) Prepaid Home Internet
  6. f) Post-Paid Home Internet


For all our businesses BIG or small, talk to us and we will make you the best proposition in Samoa.

We are well and truly unmasking Samoa’s future with 4G Plus! An extreme game changer for us as a business but more importantly, much needed development that will take Samoa to the next level and improve our country’s competitive edge on a global scale.