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MoanaTV FAQs

Do I need to have Broadband installed at my home/office in order to get Moana TV?

Moana TV, being an IPTV product, works over BlueSky’s Broadband (ADSL) network. This being the case, in order for a customer to receive Moana TV, they must be within the coverage of our Broadband network, but they do not necessarily need to have an existing Broadband connection.

Can I control which programs my children can watch?

Yes, there is Parental Blocking available as an additional Set Top Box feature. This allows parents to set time limits to certain channels. Once the time limit has been reached, a pop-up will request the customer to enter a password to continue watching.

There is also Channel Blocking – whereby parents are able to lock/hide certain channels so they do not show when scrolling through channels.

What are the Activation Requirements for Moana TV?

A customer must be located within the coverage areas for IPTV.