Moana TV can cater to all your home entertainment needs. Included in the table below are the monthly charges as well as one-time installation charges for Residential customers.

Moana TV Residential Pricing

Prepaid TV Service Charges

Moana TV is a prepaid service. When you sign up for Moana TV, you pay for 30 days of TV service upfront.

Plan Name Service Details Monthly Price (SAT)
Basic Plan 12 Channels $39.00
Add On Plans
Kids Pack Additional 5 Channels $20.00
Discovery Additional 5 Channels $20.00
*Add On Plans applies to Basic Plans only
Premium Plan Full 26 Channel Lineup $89.00
with Landline Premium with Landline $85.00
with Broadband Premium with Broadband $75.00
with Nano Installation with Nano Equipment $30.00
*Requires credit approval and a 12 month postpaid contract.
** All rates are VAGST inclusive and in Samoan Tala (SAT).

Moana TV Commercial Pricing

For more information on Moana TV Commercial Pricing, please email

Get Moana TV
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Terms & Conditions

1. Promotion applies to all new and existing customers in the Moana TV coverage area.
2. Promotion applies to Pre-paid customers only.
3. Contractual term is for the duration of 24 months.
4. The Equipment remains as Bluesky property until customer pays the full cost of equipment honoring the terms of this contract.
5. MoanaTV equipment is covered under a 30 day products warranty and any replacement or maintenance beyond this period shall be paid by the customer upfront.
6. Breaching the terms of this contract will result in removal of the equipment from the customer premises.
7. Early cancellation fee of prorated equipment cost must be paid by customer upon request to terminate before initial terms of contract ends
8. Customer will be required to pay remaining cost of equipment in the event that the equipment is damaged or faulty at the time of removal due to breaching the terms of this contract.
9. 1st month customers subscription covers 1 month from service activation date.
10. Payment date is dependent on billing cycle, set by activation or last reconnected date.
11. Disconnections are processed daily, per billing cycle.
12. Bill reminders will be emailed to customers prior to disconnection. Customers with no email addresses will be contacted by Bluesky call representative on contact numbers provided.
13. Customers will be given 30 days to reconnect otherwise non paid equipment will be removed.
14. Customer must have email address and alternate phone number for correspondence.
15. Customer must be on a premium package to be entitled to the “other services” discounts.
16. Should a customer opt for additional service or Broadband plan update, they can then benefit from the new discounted Moana TV monthly rental.